Telephone lines


Can Chicane also install telephone lines?

Yes. You can order normal business analogue telephone  lines from us or transfer your existing lines to us from your current provider. For information and prices visit our telephone lines page

What about Simutaneous provision of a phone line and ADSL/FTTC?

Chicane can simultaneously provide a new analogue line with ADSL or FTTC on it at the same time in most situations. Call our sales team on 01473 358222 for more information.


Hosted VoIP


How long does it take to install a Hosted VoIP system?

Typically 3-4 weeks depending on the configuration required, existing cabling etc. The Internet connectivity for your Hosted VoIP system will be provisioned first and then your pre-configured handsets will be shipped to you for connection at your premises. Chicane are happy to liaise with your IT consultant and provide them with all the information required to install the pre-configured VoIP phones. Alternatively, if needed, we can offer a site survey, installation and staff training for £250 within postcodes below*. For locations outside of these areas please contact us for a quote.

*IP/NR/CO/CB/PE/CM/RM/SG/MK/ME/SS/LU/AL and central London.

How is VoIP different to traditional telephone systems?

VoIP works just like an ordinary telephone system, but uses your broadband connection to carry the calls instead of the copper telephone network. This means that you can make local, long distance and international calls for less, as well as making calls to other users on your Chicane VoIP network (even in different offices) for free. VoIP uses HD quality and has more features than most traditional phone service offerings. Since VoIP uses broadband instead of copper lines it also allows you to add additional inbound/outbound call capacity without the cost of an additional line rental. We can provide you with geographic numbers for your system (DDI’s) from whatever area you like regardless of your location (e.g. you could have a London number, a Chelmsford number, a Manchester number etc.)

What is the minimum line speed required and do I need a dedicated Internet connection?

The average VoIP line unfiltered/uncompressed uses circa 100Kbps per call. We include a suitable ADSL or FTTC connection for your Hosted VoIP system to run on in the cost of our solution for systems of 7 seats or more.

Do I need to cancel my existing phone lines after VoIP is installed?

Once your Chicane Hosted VoIP solution is installed and you are using it, in most cases you will be able to cancel many if not all of the incumbent telephone lines that you were previously using. Please be aware that you may still be in a contractual period with your previous telephony provider. Contact our sales team on 01473 358222 for more advice about this.

I don’t have any networking cables in my office do I need them?

Structured Cat5e network cabling is necessary in order to use the VoIP handsets. We would be happy to speak to your IT professional about what is required, or put you in touch with your local Chicane Partner if you do not currently have a preferred IT consultant.

Do I need an extra network port for my VoIP phone?

We can provide phones with either a 100 or 1000 Mbps switch built-in which facilitates connection. Please discuss your particular handset requirements with our sales or technical team on 01473358222.

Do your VoIP phones require power supplies?

Handsets come with power supplies but also work on POE (Power over Ethernet). We would be happy to speak to your IT professional about what is required, or you can discuss your particular handset requirements with our sales or technical team on 01473358222.

Can I keep my old phone number?

In most instances an existing analogue or ISDN number can be ported over to the new system . There can be a charge associated with this depending on the type of phone number/line. Please discuss your porting requirements with our sales team on 01473358222. Please allow up to 25 working days for numbers to be ported.

How many phone numbers can I have?

We can provide you with as many geographic numbers (DDI’s) as you need. Please include your DDI requirements in your order.

Is there a maximum amount of users that I can have on my system for my company?

No, the beauty of VoIP is its scalability.  From SME’s right through to large corporations, customers can have users in multiple office/ branch locations, and also incorporate home office workers too.

Can I add users as my company grows?

Yes, we can work with you as you grow if you are planning on taking on additional staff.

Can I monitor calls that come in to the office?

Yes, you can add your close clients to your phonebook on the handsets.

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