We still offer traditional telephony products if that’s what your business needs. Whether you’re looking for a new phone line or want to transfer your service, we offer a number of fixed line products at competitive prices. You can also benefit from the Care Levels that we offer for extra peace of mind.

As well as the products below we can also provide simultaneous broadband/fibre on new business analogue line installations.


Business PSTN (analogue) telephone line

Line/order type Activation


New PSTN line (without broadband) 105.00 13.75
Transferred PSTN line from another carrier 7.00 13.75
New PSTN line when provisioned simultaneously with broadband* 0.00 13.75
Transferred PSTN line when broadband also ordered/migrated** 7.00 13.75

* Important note regarding simultaneous provide option: Please add the prices together of the PSTN and your chosen broadband option→ to arrive at the total monthly price.

** If an existing PSTN is being transferred to Chicane from a 3rd party for Chicane broadband, the PSTN transfer will be carried out first then the broadband will be provided/migrated. This cannot be done simultaneously so will increase the lead time of the order


Business ISDN

This product is currently being phased out as BT have announced their intention to switch off all ISDN networks by 2025. For information about alternatives to ISDN please call our Sales Department on 01473 358222 or see our Hosted VoIP page.


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